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- Since 2016 -

Faints and Feathers

 Proud Breeders of MGR Registered Myotonic / Fainting Goats 


Welcome to Faints and Feathers

We raise Myotonic Goats, ducks and chickens...and a few animals in between.  


We bought our first goat in 2016 and have been growing the herd ever since.  In 2019, we certified as a registered breeder with the Myotonic Goat Registry.  


Most of our babies are for sale. Our does typically kid in April and babies are available in June.  Check out the kids tab to see what is available this year.


All goats are vaccinated and come from a clean, closed herd.  They have tested negative for Johnes and CAE (results available).  


Base Price Doe: $400

Base Price Buck: $300

Base Price Wether: $200 

Extra Features: Polled (extra $50), Flashy (extra $50), Moonspots (extra $100)

All Doelings will be registered with the MGR. Bucklings and Wethers may be registered upon specific request for an additional fee of $25. Please inquire for details.


Please ask to be put on next year's waiting list.


Located in Rockyview County, Alberta - just east of Calgary

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